Inspected seven times. Built for keeps.

Inspected seven times. Built for keeps.

Engineered better, made better, in America. You deserve the best-insulated bags out there, yes? Craftsmanship + rugged materials ensure they endure. Why keep re-buying cheap imports that don’t even last a year?

You get flawless products because nothing ships from our factory until seven picky people OK it first. To watch the process happen, enjoy this video:

sevenOKs products are..


No seams, no leaks, no odors from bacteria oozing into the insulation with our exclusive seamless liner.


No home for germs! The surface of our seamless liners are antimicrobial, so bacteria and mold cannot colonize there and cause odors … or worse.

Easily Cleaned

Rinse it clean, quickly and easily. (Some of our competitors need a multi-step process where you have to begin by submerging a bag, the start of a multi-hour chore. Score another victory for Seamless!)

Made in America

Are our products really made in America? You betcha. We’re in La Porte, Indiana, and you can’t get more American than that.