Customers love products built for keeps

Customers continue to love products built for keeps

Customers are blown away by the quality of our bags. From meals on wheels, breakfasts in classrooms, pizzas, samples, to food deliveries, our products outperform and outlast for our customers.

Read recent quotes from clients:
“Blown away by the quality!”Joyce Johansen: Food Service Director, Clarinda Community Schools
“We have been using sevenOKs’ Meal Delivery Karrier in my restaurant delivery service for over a year now. The bags are durable, the walls does not crush at all, the bag keeps its shape and looks great even after a year of daily use. The quality and craftsmanship are very well maintained from the stitches to the straps. Overall I couldn’t be more pleased with their bags!!”Tal Chang: Owner, ZipIt
“If it weren’t for your bags, I wouldn’t be in business. Literally!”Reed Cataldo: co-founder, Divino
Why should you upgrade?

They're seamless!

No seams, no leaks, no odors from bacteria oozing into the insulation with our exclusive seamless liner.


No home for germs! The surface of our seamless liners are antimicrobial, so bacteria and mold cannot colonize there and cause odors … or worse.

Easily Cleaned

Rinse it clean, quickly and easily. (Some of our competitors need a multi-step process where you have to begin by submerging a bag, the start of a multi-hour chore. Score another victory for Seamless!)

Exclusive 4.99 year warranty

All seamless liners come with a 4.99-year, no-leak warranty, so you can be sure your investment will last.