Breakfast Koolers

Breakfast in the classroom is a proven way to improve attention and achievement. So our Koolers are a pretty kool investment!

Breakfast improves achievement!

Our Breakfast Koolers are sized at small/medium/large and have a sanitary (anti-microbial) liner that's seamless, so they start clean and odorless. They're leakproof, and easily rinsed out, so they stay clean, too, for years of service.

  • Small* 18.5″x12″x5″ (28 French Toasts, 32 bagels or 14 gorditas)
  • Medium* 16″x16″x6″ (40 French Toasts, 50 bagels or 32 gorditas)
  • Large* 16″x16″x8″ (56 French Toasts, 70 bagels, or 48 gorditas)

Order with a Fuel Up to Play60© logo, a customized “Property of _______ School District” message, or a custom design.

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*exterior size