Built for Keeps Koolers

Are we bragging? No! We are the only company hand-crafting seamless, anti-microbial interiors. Since no mold or bacteria can colonize they start odor-free. They rinse out easily, and no juices seep into insulation — so sevenOKs koolers stay odor free. Our USA-made products keep lasting and lasting, years longer than those built-for-cheap imports.

Our Built-for-Keeps Koolers come in multiple sizes with either sturdy zippers or hook/loop closure. They hold anywhere from 6 to a heckuvalot of cans:

  • XS* 8″x10″x7″ (holds 6 cans)
  • Small* 9″x12″x10″ (holds 12 cans)
  • Medium* 10″x14″x10″ (holds 20 cans)
  • Large*12″x12″x12″ (holds 24 cans)
  • XL* 12″x18″x12″ (holds 36 cans)
  • XXL*14.5″x14.5″x14″ (holds a heckuvalot)
  • XXXL* 13″x22″x14″ (holds even more!)

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*exterior size