Built for Keeps Meal Karriers

People depend on you.

So you deserve a built-for-keeps karrier that you can depend on. Depend on unsurpassed temperature retention and surprisingly light weight.

Not to mention sevenOKs is your only source for a seamless, anti-microbial interior, so it's odor-free, easy to rinse out, and guaranteed leak-proof for 4.99 years. (That's certainly not available from built-for-cheap imports).

Our Built for Keeps Meal Karriers come in 6 sizes to hold 4-15 meals:

  • Small* 12″x”14.5″x13″ (holds 4 meals)
  • Medium* 12″x14.5″x16.5″ (holds 5 meals)
  • Large* 12″x16″x16.5″ (holds 5 meals***)
  • XL* 13″x22″x14″ (holds 8 meals)
  • 2XL* 13″x22″x17.75″ (holds 10 meals)
  • 3XL* 13″x22″x19.75″ (holds 12 meals)
  • 4XL* 13″x32″x17.75″ (holds 15 meals)

For more information about quotes, accessories, putting your logo on (either screen or embroidery) or just to say howdy, please fill out this form or call a helpful member of our team at (800) 523-8715.

*exterior size
***Has just some extra room to get your hands into the bag