Keep for Years Pizza Karrier

Most made-for-cheap import carriers last 9 months or less. Some of our made-for-keeps bags keep going strong (and odor-free!) after seven years!

Our hand-crafted USA-made Pizza Karriers come in these four sizes. Your customers will love it!

  • Small* 15″x15″x7″ (holds 3 14″ pizzas)
  • Medium* 17″x17″x7″ (holds 3 16″ pizzas)
  • Large* 19″x19″x7″ (holds 3 18″ pizzas)
  • XL* 18.5″x36″x14″ (holds 10- 16″ pizzas)
  • Hey. The most important “keep” is to keep customers coming back.

    For more information, please fill out this form or call our team at (800) 523-8715.

    *exterior size