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School Nutrition

Keep durability and sanitation in mind, and you won’t have to worry about bags that stink, get moldy, or fall apart in one school year!

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Catering Karriers

Invest in premium built Karriers that keep out mold, keep your food at the ideal temperature, delivery after delivery, year after year.

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Built for Keeps Koolers

Demand more. Engineered and hand-crafted in the USA to last longer and keep cold things cold better – we are also your only source for seamless, anti-microbial interiors that won’t support bacteria or mold, are easy to rinse out, are lighter weight, and (to put a cherry on top) are guaranteed not to leak for 4.99 years!

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Meal Delivery Karriers

Make sure the meal received is exactly the same as the meal sent. No leaks, no mold, no bacteria, no disappointment.

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Pizza Karriers

No offense intended, but some of your people toss deliveries around like frisbees. Or deliver late and lukewarm because they “got lost.” Or, um, smell like an ash tray.

How many ways can they cost you a customer?

You should invest in built-for-keeps sevenOKs karriers that keep your pizzas hot, keep out mold and odor and keep your most reckless delivery people from destroying customer satisfaction.

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HawkStar Vending Karriers and Koolers

Invest in premium built carriers that keep hot things hot, keep cold things cold, and keep delivering value year after year. They’re built for keeps!

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Long lasting Karriers for all

OK, OK, OK! Karriers for classrooms, for caterers, for pizza delivery, for milk delivery, for stadiums, for drinks — for anything.

Every premiere seamless interior is anti-microbial — so it starts odorless, is easy to rinse out and keep odorless — and is guaranteed leak-proof for 4.99 years!

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