Built for Keeps Koolers —
engineered and hand-crafted in the USA to be the first, the best and the only*

*sevenOKs is the only source for seamless interiors, so they perform better and last much longer than cheap imports. Guaranteed leakproof for 4.99 years!

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You ask two things of Koolers: perform well, and last long

You get much more. Engineered and hand-crafted in the USA to last longer and keep cold things cold better – your only source for seamless, anti-microbial interiors that are bacteria and mold resistant, easy to rinse out, lighter weight, and (to put a cherry on top) guaranteed not to leak for 4.99 years!

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1. You won’t have to replace them in six
months when they fall apart
2. Your food will keep hotter longer
3. Seamless liner keeps the inside from
stinking after spills
4. Easily clean and rinse out the inside

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